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St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Cemetery is conveniently located in North Oakville. The setting is peaceful and serene and provides a final resting place for Ukrainians as well as other families of the Christian faith.

The cemetery is maintained year round and is graced by many monuments, both artistic and beautiful. These are not restricted, as in other cemeteries, but rather are encouraged.
Pre-need family arrangements are available and encouraged.

When is the right time to purchase one’s final resting place?
Ideally it should be done when the family is still together and not under any duress.
One of the most difficult things to do is to start looking for a cemetery plot when a loved one suddenly leaves us. Decisions made in haste are not always the right ones.
From traditional designs to contemporary, we offer a complete array of monument options.

Reasons to buy a monument before death:
By planning ahead, you can select the style, size, and colour you prefer. Through a personalized design, which we will help you to create, the monument can reflect your beliefs, values, whatever is meaningful to you. What do you want to tell future generations about yourself and your family?n you buy a monument before the need arises. Like everything else, it will cost less now than in years to come.