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St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Cemetery  is owned and operated by Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral Of St. Volodymyr. Cathedral Leaders and parishioners made the decision to create a unique  cemetery that provides a final resting place for Ukrainians, as well as other families of Christian faith.

The Cemetery was established in 1984. Oselia Kyiv, one hundred acres property overlooking Sixteen Mile Creek  in Oakville was a perfect setting for the Cemetery location.

Sinse its establishment St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Cemetery has developed into a largest Ukrainian cemetery in Canada.  Ukrainian War Veteran's memorials of the Ukrainian Liberating Army and First Ukrainian Division marking designated burial grounds of our freedom fitters.

A memorial in some way celebrates a life which has been lived. It can take many forms. In a cemetery the most common memorials are upright monuments or headstones of granite or marble, or flat markers of bronze set flush with the ground. Each contains the name of the deceased and in many cases the date of birth and death. Some headstones and markers may be manufactured in a particular shape, such as, a heart or include a short verse, phrase, picture and/or symbol providing the visitor with a small clue about the deceased and/or how survivors felt about him/her.

Some families choose companion headstones or markers with sufficient space to record the names and particulars of each spouse. Others use inscriptions on walls, columbarium niches and mausoleums as their form of memorialization.